Each match will have a few settings that needs to be set. Here are the requirements:

1) Very important! Make screenshots after each map that has ended! Send these to the admins of the tournament so we can update the site.
2) 2 maps will be played each match, both teams decide one map from the maplist.
3) Timelimit will be 15 for each game (2 maps x 15 minutes = 30 minutes total), no fraglimit.
4) Spectators only allowed if both teams agree to it, otherwise spectators have to leave. 1 admin is always allowed to spectate to host your game.
5) During groupstages you get 2 points for winning a map, giving you a maximum of 4 points to win each match. (1 point for a draw)
6) If two groups share the same amount of points after the groupstage is finished, the mutual K/D result between those two teams will be decisive.
7) No intentional respawndelay once winning, play with respect for your opponents. Tournament-admins will look into each case and decide.
8) During the finals it's a knock-out, the best K/D ratio over 2 maps will decide the winner. In case of a draw there will be a third map chosen by admin.


During the groupstages you can only get points by winning maps, you get 2 points for each map you win. If a map ends in a draw both teams will earn 1 point and you can earn 4 points maximum each match (2 maps x 2 points = 4 points). After the groupstages are finished the two teams with the most points in one group advance to the next round. Number 1 will compete against the number 2 of another group and vise versa.

Summary: (Each individual map)
*Win: 2 points
*Draw: 1 point
*Loss: 0 points

If there is a draw in points that prevents 1 or 2 teams from continuing to the next round the individual result will count. To make it a bit more clear, the mutual K/D result between those two teams will decide who will go to the next round.


These are the maps you are allowed to play and choose, other (custom) maps are only allowed if both teams agree to it.

*DM-Lindisfarne (No camping on the roof)


For each group of 4 teams I'll give every team a few weeks to finish all their matches. It's up to you guys to set a date with your opponents as soon as possible. I'll give each team a list of IM or emails to get in contact and it's always possible to arrange it through us (admins) if things don't go as smoothly.


The only thing I can ask people is to have patience and respect for your opponents. It's hard to set strict rules and as a hoster of this tournament I hope to get as many matches played as possible! I'll give each group enough freedom and time to get their matches settled in time and I hope it pays out. I do have to draw some lines and I hope this clears it a bit up. Each team will get two chances to set a date or show up on the agreed time, otherwise the other team will get the points. Please make screenshots of emails, messages ingame or steam/skype to confirm your own side of the story. We will personally check into each case and we will decide what's the best solution.


It's very important to make a screenshot of the scoreboard and console right away after this happens. It helps you to back up your side of the story. Quitting for no reason will instantly result in a loss. If it was just a connection issue the game can be continued where it left off at another time, if it happens a second time the other team wins no matter what score. I can't say it enough, make screenshots!


Matches will be played on Eternal Resistance servers (Er TDM and Neelix TDM). You can hire a server to play your games if you contact any ER member in time, after that they will make one available to you. It's also possible to play on another chosen server if both teams agree, otherwise it'll be played on trusted servers I just mentioned.

There are a few rules a server has to be obliged to:

1) CoAdminZ, 1.09 or any other anticheat must be running.
2) 15 minutes timelimit for each map and no fraglimit.
3) Gamepassword or Maxplayers must be set.
4) No adminlogin during the match.
5) Runes are not enabled, so run a no runes mutator or anything similar.
6) Weaponstay is enabled.
7) Autopickup is disabled.
8) Normal gamespeed. (100%)
9) Throwblocks enabled.
10) Default shield/weapondamage and default shield/weaponrespawntimes.
11) Default skins.

Anything considered as abnormal won't be allowed. Each match that didn't get finished or got corrupted because of some miscommunication or abuse of the server-rules will be considered as unfinished and must be played again. So be warned! If you don't want to take the risk, just use the servers mentioned above. If you still have questions about these rules please let me know and I'll clear them up for you.