1. Cadeyrn and Howl
2. Mero and LotusEater (Elysian Hoes)
3. Avarice and Zyroloth (Neelix on our Balls)
4. Chico and Dracula
5. Gibbon and Procrastinator
6. S.Boss and Voy
7. Rappa and Maun (Team Urpo)
8. Chica and Neelix (Loca)
9. Sam and Pippin (Hobbits)
10. Pate and Villager
11. Muerte and Undertaker (FoodDefence)
12. Atmel and Sadist (Polite People)
13. Penguin and Urpo (Wave)
14. Islau and Gustav
15. Apocalypse and Garp (Inspect her Gadget)
16. Kenni and Dimon